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direct & indirect resins in costa rica

Direct and indirect resins are reconstructions of the teeth that are used to restore their functionality. The materials used for the restoration must have physical-chemical properties similar to those of the tooth and also be biocompatible.

direct & indirect resins
How does this treatment work?

Prior to any dental restoration, it is essential to prepare the space for the dental piece; in this way, the adhesion between the tooth and the restorative material will be given in the best way. Once this process is finished, the tissue that has been extracted must be restored with biocompatible material. This is where the best type of dental reconstruction is chosen.

Types of resin used
  • Direct resins
  • Indirect resins
Direct resins:

Direct dental reconstruction is a restoration of the dental piece through the placement of a filling in a previously prepared space. Moldable materials are used and it is carried out in the dental clinic where Dr. Óscar Vargas will be in charge of choosing the most convenient technique for each patient.

Advantages of direct resins

This type of repair is based on a more conservative way of treating the tooth, in addition to the fact that its preparation is faster. In other words, the procedure can be carried out in a single appointment, thus saving time.

direct & indirect resins
indirect resins

On the other hand, indirect dental restoration is based on dental replacement in the form of a crown. Said restoration procedure is carried out outside the tooth and will completely cover the chewed area of ​​the dental piece.

The technique will depend on the material with which the treatment is to be carried out.

Advantages of indirect resins

This technique allows Dr. Óscar Vargas to have better control of the polymerization contraction, facilitates the molding and contouring of the tooth and has the ability to improve the physical and aesthetic properties of the piece.

However, unlike direct resins, this method will require two clinical sessions to complete the procedure satisfactorily.




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