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zirconia crowns in costa rica

Zirconia crowns are dental restorations that are made from a ceramic material called zirconium oxide. It is a recent option that seeks to restore aesthetics and functionality to your smile.

If we compare it with other materials such as porcelain metal, this alternative brings advantages with respect to the manufacture of covers and crowns on implants.

zirconia crowns
How does this treatment work?

Zirconia crowns are used to restore a lost dental piece; They are highly recommended when the piece to be restored is from the front of the mouth.

Advantages of the treatment of zirconia crowns

Elements made from this material are similar in color to the natural tooth enamel and allow a certain amount of light to pass through them, giving them a more discreet appearance.

Each zirconia crown is individually designed and customized.

They are much more resistant to chewing forces than other pieces that are partially ceramic.

zirconia crowns
When is it recommended to use zirconia crowns?

The crowns of this material are used mainly for aesthetic purposes to achieve the smile that the client desires. However, they are also used in cases where a tooth is suffering severe discoloration that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening or in a treatment for genetic tooth discoloration.

In addition to being applied in these aesthetic procedures, they are also recommended as an alternative to orthodontic treatment when it is required to correct the gap (or "crooked teeth"), to restore teeth with caries, a deformed dental piece, as a bridge or lining for molars and they can even be used as a front prosthesis that is attached to an implant.

How long does this treatment last?

Despite the high quality of zirconium crowns, like any other procedure, dental habits will be a fundamental key to the longevity of the pieces. This material allows the pieces to be resistant to changes over time; however, variations in the structure of the mouth may force the pieces to be changed.

If these crowns are not subjected to excessive forces, there will be no danger of them cracking or breaking, the chances of damaging them are similar to the chance of injuring a natural tooth.

They could fall out in case the natural tooth decays for any reason. In these cases, the tooth would be treated accordingly and the crown would be re-cemented.

In case a problem like this occurs and the crown must be removed, the patient will not feel any discomfort at the time and the tooth will not have lost its natural tissue. Following the indications of Dr. Vargas, the zirconium crowns will last decades without being damaged.




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