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smile design in costa rica

Smile Design is a specialty in the branch of prosthodontics , which is responsible for fully restoring the oral cavity, returning a correct and aesthetic function.

It covers treatments such as recreating a tooth fragment, a resin, an inlay, a porcelain veneer, a crown, bridges, dental implants, to designing and developing the patient's complete teeth.

smile design
How does this treatment work?

At Óscar Vargas Centro Dental we carry out an "Architecture Design" of the smile longed for by the patient. From all the diagnostic elements, a blueprint or model is prepared, which is the diagnostic wax-up of the teeth. Thus, our patients can have a preview of the treatment to be carried out.

Advantages of smile design
  • Improves the masticatory functionality of the patient, by recovering dental pieces or restoring them.
  • You can give your smile a twist, if it does not satisfy you or throughout your life you have had accidents that have led you to lose teeth.
  • Rejuvenates facial appearance.
  • Balances the ratio between lips and teeth.
  • It allows you to smile with confidence.
  • It can provide you with whiter teeth.
What schedule does Dr. Vargas use for this treatment ?

Dr. Óscar Vargas Fernández performs different procedures to develop a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dentofacial analysis (study of the face in relation to the teeth) is essential. To fully achieve this, Dr. Vargas has implemented modern diagnostic protocols in his Dental Center that allow him to list in detail the needs of each patient.

Modern and avant-garde techniques of extraoral and muscular examination, digital photography and video, precise molds of the mouth, bite assembly, digital and three-dimensional radiography are used.

All this to achieve high standards of accuracy and precision in the treatments.

Once the diagnostic stage is complete, a treatment plan schedule is drawn up and adjusted to the patient's needs.

smile design
Is the procedure painful?

This depends on the complexity of each procedure and individual factors in each patient. At Óscar Vargas Centro Dental, we use minimally invasive procedures, state-of-the-art technology, and extensive experience in treating each dental situation. In short, we will always look for ways to make the procedures friendly for the patient.

What is your success rate?

Being a highly aesthetic dental procedure, this treatment is designed to have a high success rate.

How long does this treatment last?

With excellent care and regular dental visits, your smile design treatment can last for more than 10 years.

Care is of the utmost importance and will have a direct impact on long-term success.

The daily care of the patient is essential to maintain a healthy environment in the oral cavity, it is important to emphasize that the lifestyle in terms of hygienic and dietary habits of people must improve and change since these are the causes on many occasions of the loss of teeth.

Equally important is the surveillance by the professional with his annual control appointments and the specific and individual recommendations for each case.

Brushing techniques and specialized accessories to achieve this must be recommended by Dr. Vargas in a personalized way for each patient.




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